What are some early symptoms?

Adolescents – Changes in school grades, friends, mood swings, isolation from family, any abrupt change in behavior.

Adults – Increase in the amount of use, frequency of use, time and money using; family concerns about use, absenteeism, tardiness, reduced performance at work.

Warning Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol/Drug Addiction Include:

  • Failure to meet social, work, and academic obligations
  • Legal problems such as arrest for DUI
  • Relationships problems with intimate partners, friends, and family
  • Diminished interest in other activities
  • Short term memory loss or blackouts
  • Physical injury or illness
  • Concealment of the behavior
  • Seeking the company of others who pursue the behavior or conducting the behavior only in isolation
  • Inability to stop the behavior
  • Denial of a problem with alcohol/drugs

If you believe a person has a problem, he or she probably does.