Peninsula Mental Health and Addiction Services


History of Mental Health Services 

In 1983, Dr. Michael Finegan began training with public safety professionals while serving a clinical rotation at the Utah State Prison. Upon completion of five years of clinical training at the University of Minnesota Medical Center in 1984, he was awarded a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.  In 1985, Dr. Finegan completed an additional year of fellowship training at the Texas Medical Center Research Institute of Mental Sciences in Houston.

Dr. Finegan’s experiences in treating trauma victims in India following the assassination of Indira Gandhi, the Prime Minister of India in 1984, led to his interest in psychological trauma. Responding to oversea disasters were early experiences that led Dr. Finegan toward a specialized interest in serving those who protect society. Over the years he has progressively dedicated more time to serving the special needs of law enforcement.

History of Peninsula Addiction Services

Peninsula Addiction Services, a division of Peninsula Mental Health Services, started in 1997 with a recognized need in the community for a program to meet the needs of individuals and families in crisis. Following the chronic disease model, we base our program on four major points:

  1. To invite and encourage the patient to take responsibility for understanding the disease of addiction and its consequences

  2. To acquire the cognitive and behavioral skills required to sustain a substance free lifestyle and to develop and nurture relationships and motivation to sustain a substance free lifestyle
  3. To actively participate in a Twelve-Step program as part of treatment and beyond

  4. To take personal responsibility in the recovery and abstinence from drugs or alcohol

It has always been a major emphasis of Peninsula Addiction Services for strong encouragement of family participation in the adult program. 

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