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Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication Assisted Treatment

At Peninsula Addiction Services, we recognize that medication can assist individuals battling addiction when administered and managed properly.

We also recognize the need for counseling in addition to receiving medication management. For this reason, our Medication Assisted Treatment program follows the COR-12 treatment approach.

COR-12 treatment involves the use of counseling techniques, a twelve-step support system, and medication assistance simultaneously with the long-term goal of recovery and abstinence from all drugs.

This means that patients who participate in our MAT program must also participate in either OP or IOP with our practice. To begin participating in MAT, new patients must first schedule an assessment with a counselor. Your counselor will advise you on the next steps to be referred to the program.

What to Expect

  • Individual and/or group sessions
  • Medication taken as prescribed
  • Participate in urinary drug screens or other drug tests
  • Develop treatment plan with your counselor

Medications We Prescribe

Our clinic offers the two most widely prescribed medications for treating addiction: Vivitrol and Suboxone.


Also known as Naltrexone microspheres, Vivitrol is an opioid-blocking prescription medication. Essentially, Vivitrol blocks drug molecules from binding to receptors in the brain which then prevents the “high” associated with drug use.

This medication has been shown to effectively treat alcohol and opioid dependence by preventing relapse. It is administered as an injection once a month by our licensed Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine.

Before starting on this medication, individuals must detox for at least 7 days to prevent sudden withdrawal symptoms.

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Suboxone is a prescribed medication that is used to treat opioid dependence or addiction.

It comes in the form of film and contains two medicines: Naloxone and Buprenorphine. Suboxone can effectively reduce drug cravings and prevent relapses when taken as prescribed and in conjunction with counseling.

This medication is self-administered daily by placing a film under the tongue to dissolve.

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