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Addiction Services

Addiction Services

What is Addiction?

The American Society of Addiction Medicine defines addiction as, “a treatable, chronic medical disease involving complex interactions among brain circuits, genetics, the environment, and an individual’s life experiences.” Thus, addiction is a complex disease that is affected by multiple factors.

However, addiction can be treated with the help of a determined mindset and the support of experienced professionals. For this reason, our mission at Peninsula Addictions Services is to provide a safe and structured environment in which individuals have the support of skilled counsellors and the commitment of self-help twelve-step philosophies.

Peninsula Addiction Services provides aggressive cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, supportive and structured environment to help people deal with the devastating effects of substance use disorder. These services include individualized treatment plans as well as outpatient and intensive outpatient programs for adults.

Who Needs Treatment?

Any person at any age who is experiencing health, work, family, or personal problems associated with the use of alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription medications is at risk of addiction and may need treatment.

Problems may arise at home, in the workplace, or at school. Frequently, family, friends, teachers, and employers become aware of the problem before the individual can recognize it. In most employment settings, being clear-minded and substance free are necessary for safety and productivity. Many companies support mandatory treatment for their employees to maintain a risk-free environment.

All too often, the legal system becomes involved with drinking and driving charges or drug possession charges. Relationships within the family are strongly influenced by substance use. Poor communication, sexual dysfunction, neglect of spouse and children, as well as domestic violence and child abuse are common.

With the help of skilled professionals, treatment and recovery are possible.

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